Lemon Sherbet Round Himalayan Salt Lamp


In stock

In stock


Luxury Salt Lamp
Emits a Soft Pink Glow
Air Purifier w/ Countless Health Benefits
Comes with a AU Plug W/ a Dimmer to Change the Brightness or Glow
Hand Carved Wooden Emba Base
Long Lasting Bulb
Perfect Night Light for a Nursery, Kids Room Or Your Own Room
12 Month Warranty


Create a relaxing ambiance before bedtime with this Himalayan Salt Lamp in a gorgeous ombre shape, featuring a soft, round shaped design. Salt Lamps do not just create a beautiful relaxing environment but they also have countless health benefits. Besides purifying the air and neutralising electromagnetic radiation, a salt lamp can reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, improve breathing, increase energy levels, help you sleep better and reduce stress and increase performance. What more would you want for your children as they sleep and grow? For more information about how to care for your salt lamps - please go to FAQs

1 x Salt Lamp
1 x AU Plug w/ On & Off Switch (We are very sorry but our dimmer switches are currently unavailable)
1 x Bulb


Weight: 2-3KG